Workshops For Discipleship and Mission

Many churches are facing a liminal moment, wrestling with how to navigate complex theological and cultural terrain and lead the church into a faithful witness of the gospel in turbulent times.

It’s hard to get traction in discipleship and mission

For many leaders, it feels like a steep uphill climb to sustain a sense of momentum for their communities.

Gain missional momentum with a live workshop

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One of the best ways to create a sense of traction and momentum in your church is to bring in an outside voice for a special event. We’d love to partner with you in this way by bringing a live workshop to your church.

Our workshops are engaging and fun to participate in, because we focus on real-life training, not just teaching. In other words, you DO STUFF and get feedback instead of just listening to us talk.

We offer 5 workshops:

Click the links to each workshop to read more about each of them.

Follow the Way Discipleship Workshop

Our Follow the Way Discipleship Workshop is focused on the foundations of discipleship in the way of Jesus.

Enneagram Transformation Workshop

Our Enneagram Transformation Workshop is focused on spiritual formation through the lens of the Enneagram.

Church in the Wild Workshop

Our Church in the Wild Workshop is focused on being the Body of Christ when we’re not in charge of the culture anymore.

Parenting in Grace and Truth Workshop

Our Parenting in Grace and Truth Workshop is focused on applying Jesus’ discipleship practices to the parent-child relationship.

Discerning Your Context Workshop

Our Discerning Your Context Workshop is focused on helping you discern how God is at work in the hidden cultural dynamics in your church.

We love training people at these live workshops. Fill out the form below to get in touch about booking a workshop for your church.