Partner with Gravity in the coming year

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We started Gravity to help people develop a Christian spirituality rooted in love that fosters resilient faith in everyday life.


"Gravity has provided me with a personal tribe for transformation and thought leadership, a discipleship toolkit to implement in our local church, FINALLY the experience of being personally discipled by someone else, and a new way of being in the world and the church."

Bryan Mills
Pastor, Meadow Heights Church


"In my advocacy work, I became more settled in knowing that my identity, security and belonging is in Christ and not what other people say or what I do or what I have. My view of God has changed and it has been so life-giving for me!"

Carol Vanderstoep
Retired teacher (Toronto, ON)


"I learned a completely paradigm-shifting way of discipleship and leadership that continues to challenge me every day. This training actually saved me from giving up on ministry altogether. It’s the most Jesus-like thing I can remember belonging to. And that is not hyperbole."

Derek Miller
Rector, St. Peter’s Episcopal Church (Elliot City, MD)

A lot has changed over the past few years.

  • global pandemic wreaked havoc on our mental, emotional, and spiritual health.
  • Communities and churches are fracturing under the influence of a resurgent Christian nationalism and unwillingness to face the legacy and lingering effects of racism, colonialism, patriarchy, and authoritarian church abuse.
  • Many people, feeling disoriented and betrayed, find themselves questioning and deconstructing the faith they inherited.

Because of these disruptions to “life as usual”, we believe the work Gravity is doing is more crucial than ever. But we need ministry partners who can help sustain the work of Gravity and allow more people to access our training.

Will you partner with us to provide help to people who need it?

Ongoing monthly support will allow us to continue to:

  • Offer scholarships to our training for those who need it,
  • Write more books in 2024 to make our message more accessible to a wider audience, and
  • Create more stability at Gravity, so we are freed to focus on the work.

Help us facilitate experiences of practical, reproducible spiritual transformation. Whether you can give $50 or $500 or $5,000, we deeply appreciate your partnership in the ministry of Gravity in 2024.

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"The Gravity folks are trustworthy guides for Christ-centered leadership and ministry. They have done a tremendous job in putting together materials that are accessible and that simply work on the personal and church-level. Plus, they are sensitive to local and contextual ministry, while being keen on emphasizing the Jesus-truths applicable to all times and places."

Jeff Schuliger
Senior Pastor of Hillside Church (North Vancouver, BC)


"Gravity has given me a different way of thinking about discipleship and being the Church, and through the regular connection with people outside of my normal contexts, I’ve been able to learn from others with different backgrounds and convictions."

Ivy Linger
Home educator and art teacher (Omaha, NE)