Enneagram Transformation Workshop

A tool for deeper spiritual formation

The Enneagram is a newly revived yet ancient personality typing system that will profoundly deepen your understanding of and love for yourself, others, and God. More than just new information about your personality, the Enneagram opens up powerful possibilities for deep spiritual transformation in LOTS of areas:

Increased self-awareness:

The Enneagram provides deep insight into the patterns in our personalities that keep us trapped.

Marriage relationships:

The Enneagram can be enormously helpful for married couples to more deeply understand each other, have compassion for each other, and handle conflict better.

Team/organization dynamics:

The Enneagram opens up new possibilities for teams and organizations to operate in a more open, healthy way. Healthy teams are productive teams.

We offer a 5-hour Enneagram workshop (typically Friday night – Saturday morning), where you will:

Discover the 3 centers and 9 types of the Enneagram, which one you might be, and why that matters,

Grow in your compassion for and understanding of yourself and others,

Laugh quite a bit (seriously, we laugh a lot in these workshops),

Craft a “transformation experiment” based on your type that moves you toward greater awareness and Christlikeness, and

Learn how to communicate more effectively with friends, family, and coworkers.

About the Workshop

Our Enneagram Workshop is designed so that you can walk away with the basic outline of a “transformation experiment” based on your Enneagram number. On Friday night (7-9pm), we

  • Introduce the 3 Instinctive Centers and 9 Types of the Enneagram, and
  • Send you home with an exercise that helps you get in touch with where the “bad news” of your Type is showing up in your life.

Then on Saturday morning (9am-12pm), we

  • Spend time in debrief, sharing, and conversation about the previous evening’s exercise,
  • Talk a bit more in depth about some dynamics of growth for Enneagram numbers,
  • Do an exercise where you listen for some good news from God about your identity,
  • Plan a few concrete ways to respond in the coming days to what God is doing, and
  • Finish by proclaiming some good news over each Enneagram Type (this is usually really meaningful for everyone).

You don’t need to know anything about the Enneagram before you come to benefit from this workshop. It’s intended to introduce people to the Enneagram and get them started on a lifelong journey of discovery.

And even if you know quite a bit about the Enneagram, being able to hear new insights and craft a transformation experiment will make this workshop quite worth your while.

Typically workshops are small and intimate (100 people or fewer), which creates a warm atmosphere of conversation and interaction.

What others are saying

“Not only did our church thoroughly enjoy the Enneagram Transformation Workshop, we saw the tangible benefits in the months that followed. There were honest conversations about how our renewed self-understanding could help us love each other and our neighbors better. It introduced language and practices that have helped us rethink our approach to relationships. Highly recommend!”

    – Justin in Lexington, Kentucky

“This workshop was a fantastic experience for our church. It truly does cater to everyone: your level of understanding of the Enneagram can be anywhere on the scale. Ben is a fantastic teacher and coach, and really gave us a great understanding of each type and displayed incredible compassion for each type. We definitely will have this workshop back at our church again!”

– Tyler in Marietta, Georgia

"The Enneagram Transformation Workshop was so helpful for all of the folks who attended from our church... Several couples have commented since that this weekend spent together will be looked back upon as a milestone in their marriage and a leap forward in their understanding of each other. I am so glad we did this."

– Josh in Fremont, Indiana

“This workshop was a great experience for me and our church.  I was familiar with the Enneagram, but the workshop brought it to life in a new way, helping me dig deeper into how I am wired and leading to great conversations and discovery. I would encourage any church to invest in this workshop if you’re interested in learning more about the Enneagram and how to apply it in life and ministry.”

– Kevin in Fort Wayne, Indiana

Meet the facilitator


Ben Sternke facilitates our Enneagram Workshops.

Ben has been in Christian ministry for over 25 years, and has been coaching, consulting, and training leaders since 2010.

Ben was introduced to the Enneagram in 2006. He has been studying and training in it ever since, bringing its insights into pastoral counseling, discipleship, coaching, and consulting environments.

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