Our Mission

We train Christians to live out a transformational and resilient faith, centered in love.

About Us

In 2015, Ben Sternke and Matt Tebbe founded what is now Gravity Commons. In their work as leaders in various Christian contexts, they had grown disillusioned by the lack of transformation that normal ministry practices were producing in people.

They wanted to gather and train Christians to reclaim love as the goal and center of Christian faith, looking to Jesus to lead the way.

Since day one, our work has been laser­-focused on making transformation eminently practical, rooted in a process of discerning and consenting to God’s presence and action in every context.

We continue to bring people together for honest, meaningful, and generative conversations where everyone learns together in real time how to participate more fully in God’s life and mission.

Our Core Values


We reclaim love as the central power for transformational faith.


We foster community as the context in which transformation happens.


We cultivate compassionate curiosity as a core element of healthy faith.


We seek wisdom (not rules) as the operational intelligence of the Christian life.

Join the Gravity Community

A space for people who want to find their way into a more generous, joyful, decolonized Christian faith together.