Parenting in Grace and Truth Workshop

Parenting is harder than we thought!

Parenting is one of the most important and difficult jobs we have, and most of us don’t feel equipped to do it well.

We worry keeping our kids safe from bad influences, and often try to get our kids to "behave" by nagging, bribing, yelling.

But what if parenting could be different?

What if parenting could be a deeply fulfilling process of discipleship for our kids (and us)? Parenting that goes beyond getting kids to behave and instead deeply empowers them to live as disciples of Jesus? Parenting as discipleship?

That's what we talk about at a Parenting in Grace and Truth Workshop.

We explore what it means to raise kids who are connected to God, their parents, and their peers, and empowered to live as disciples of Jesus in their everyday lives.

Whether your kids are 4, 14, or 44, parenting is a lifelong task, and the principles in this workshop work for the entire journey of parenting.

What You'll Learn

How to "abide" in grace and truth in every interaction with your kids
How to identify when you’re getting in the way of your kid’s growth
How to decode a temper tantrum
How to make sure your kids are getting the two things every kid needs
How to let go of control and empower your kids to make good choices
How to disciple your kids as you parent them

Typical schedule

A typical schedule for a Parenting in Grace and Truth Workshop:

  • Friday night 7-9pm - Session 1 (focused on teaching)
  • Saturday morning 9am-12pm - Sessions 2 and 3 (focused on practice and debrief)

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