Follow the Way: A Discipleship Workshop

Discipleship isn't straightforward

We all know discipleship to Jesus is vital for our faith and witness. But it's hard to get our hands on it, because it's been defined in so many different ways.

Does discipleship just mean more Bible knowledge? More church attendance? Better behavior? Less sinning?

Discipleship in the way of Jesus

As we look at how Jesus himself made disciples in the Gospels, we notice that he his way of seeing the world provided the foundation for his own practice of making disciples.

Learning to be like Jesus, then, must mean learning to see like Jesus.

That's what we talk about at Follow the Way: A Discipleship Workshop

We explore the missing ingredient in our discipleship (and the reason so many of us don't want to "go there"), and 8 "axioms for discipleship" that act as a new pair of glasses for us to begin to see the world like Jesus did, so we can be empowered to live in the fullness of God's love like Jesus.


Here's What You'll Learn

The missing ingredient in our discipleship (according to Jesus)
The 3 deep human needs we must grapple with in order to follow Jesus with our whole lives
A way to reflect on and discern how God may be at work in your life right now
How to craft a practical “experiment of trust” to take a next step in your discipleship

Typical schedule

A typical schedule for a Follow the Way Workshop:

Friday night 7-9pm - Session 1 (focused on teaching)

Saturday morning 9am-12pm - Sessions 2 and 3 (focused on practice and debrief)

We also can do this workshop all on one day, typically:

Saturday 9am - 3pm

Sound interesting?

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