Church in the Wild Workshop

We're not in charge anymore.

Christendom is crumbling. Christians, churches, and pastors don't garner automatic respect anymore. We no longer can tell other people what to believe or how to behave. This brings up a lot of questions and fears for Christians. It seems as if our only options are to fearfully circle the wagons and "defend the faith" or to apathetically capitulate to culture and lose our faith.

What if this is an opportunity?

But what if there is a different way forward? A way to remain faithful to what we've received and creatively and winsomely engage our culture? A way to be the Body of Christ when we're not in charge? A way to be the church in the "wild" places of our culture?

That's what we talk about at a Church in the Wild Workshop.

We explore the paradigms, postures, and practices necessary to ground ourselves in a non-anxious presence that can remain distinctly Christian while also connecting meaningfully and deeply with the culture around us.

What You'll Learn

How to cultivate a posture that is both connected and differentiated
How to cultivate a posture that is both connected and differentiated
How to be the same person in church as you are in "the world"
How evangelism and witness actually work in post-Christendom
How to listen deeply and empathically so you know when and how to speak
How to cultivate an everyday life on mission

Typical schedule

A typical schedule for a Church in the Wild Workshop:

  • Friday night 7-9pm – Session 1 (focused on teaching)
  • Saturday morning 9am-12pm – Sessions 2 and 3 (focused on practice and debrief)

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