Discerning Desire: A Formation Exercise

Free spiritual formation exercise

Most approaches to spiritual formation focus on thinking and doing. Words (theology, doctrine, belief) and Works (practices, disciplines, ethics). But Words and Works, while vital and necessary, are insufficient to facilitate the deep transformation of our souls into Christlikeness.

For that, we need to dive below the surface of our lives–what we think and what we do–into the depths of our desires; that which we long for. Our Wants.

Many of us presume our desires are bad and should be killed. Others presume our desires are good and should be fulfilled. But neither of these approaches helps us reckon with our desires and bring them into the light of Christ for discernment and transformation.

That’s what this exercise is designed to do–help you unearth and articulate your desires in God’s presence for discernment and transformation. Most of us need an intentional practice to move beyond what we think we’re supposed to want into what we actually want.

This is where God meets us, in our actual reality, no matter how messy it might be.

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