sacramental formation in a disenchanted age

We help people develop a Christian spirituality rooted in love that fosters resilient faith in everyday life.

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Join others seeking a life that's at home in God's love, a livable spirituality that helps us flourish in the chaos.



Find your people, explore crucial questions, share your learning, listen and grow together.



A community where you can find your people, explore crucial questions, learn to listen and grow.



Coaching and Spiritual Direction that helps leaders notice how God is at work in and through them in the world.

The Christian life isn't working the way we thought it would.

We help reconstruct a faith that leads to transformation.

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Having the Mind of Christ

Gravity co-founders Ben Sternke and Matt Tebbe wrote a book with IVP called Having the Mind of Christ: Eight Axioms to Cultivate a Robust Faith, and it is now available!

Meet Ben & Matt

Matt Tebbe and Ben Sternke started Gravity Commons, and they are uniquely positioned to help people like you.

For over two decades now, they have been focused on making faith real, tangible, and practical for normal people.

Through community, conversations, courses, and cohorts, they help people develop a Christian spirituality rooted in love that fosters resilient faith in everyday life.



Derek Miller


"I learned a completely paradigm-shifting way of discipleship that continues to challenge me every day. This training actually saved me from completely giving up on ministry altogether. This is the most Jesus-like thing I can remember belonging to. And that is not hyperbole."


Ivy Linger

Art Teacher

"Gravity has given me a different way of thinking about discipleship and being the Church, and through the regular connection with people outside of my normal contexts, I've been able to learn from others with different backgrounds and convictions."


Alan Hirsch

Author and Founder of Forge Mission Training Network

"The Gravity folk are the real deal. Taking Jesus as their primary reference point, they help churches develop discipleship practices that can go to scale. Thumbs up!"

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Carol Vanderstoep

Retired teacher

"In my advocacy work, I became more settled in knowing that my identity, security and belonging is in Christ and not what other people say or what I do or what I have. my view of God has changed and it has been so life-giving for me!"

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Dan Hauser

Claims Manager

"Gravity taught me a way to curiously explore my inner world and how my emotions are tied to what God is doing in and through me."

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Michael Dean

Teacher and pastor

"Gravity helped me learn a better way to see and understand the work of God in my life, and their discipleship process concretely puts the focus on how God is at work in the lives of everyone involved and not merely on learning more facts about God."

Join the Gravity Community

A space for people who want to find their way into a more generous, joyful, decolonized Christian faith together.

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