The Gravity Workshop Series: Training for Everyday People

Through our work with leaders since 2015, we’ve had the joy of meeting a lot of wonderful, faithful people. It’s been encouraging to see so many like-minded Christian pastors and leaders who realize we need a new imagination and concrete practices for leading like Jesus, living on mission, and making disciples in the 21st century.

Training for Everyday People

One of the things we hear often in our coaching cohorts and live events is that there is a need to train not just pastors but people in the pews. Not just leaders but everyday Christians who are trying to discern how to lead small groups, lead their families well and simply live on mission in their everyday life.

The Gravity Workshop Series is a response to this need: Four training sessions that are open to the “everyday people” in churches who are wanting to grow in discipleship, mission, and leadership.

Over the course of 18 months, we lead 4 sequential workshops in one geographic area. The Workshop topics are:

  1. Paradigm (seeing like Jesus - 8 Transformational Axioms)
  2. Posture (being like Jesus - living in Grace and Truth)
  3. Practice (doing like Jesus - 6 Discipleship Practices)
  4. Presence (a life with Jesus - integrating it all)

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