The Gravity Mission Course

A 12-month cohort-based training in decolonized Christian mission

Establish Your Orbit

The Gravity Mission Course trains you to notice God at work in you and the people around you, proclaiming and embodying the good news of life in Christ.

Moving Out from the Center

In the Gravity Formation Course, you learned to find your center, learning to more deeply pay attention to and participate in the life God shares with us.

The Gravity Mission Course builds on that foundation to help you notice God at work in those around you, so you can participate meaningfully in God's work in the world in a non-coercive way.

What you'll learn

Cultural exegesis

Learn to discern the hidden assumptions that animate the sense of identity and purpose of a people

Healthy rhythms

How to take authority over your life so you're making time for what matters most

Going to the margins

Learn to discern God's work on the edges of your church and community.

Hospitality as mission

Learn the easy yoke of making space for others as a rhythm of life

People of peace

Learn how to discern who they are and how God works through them in mutuality

Discerning power

Learn how to notice and navigate power dynamics in relationships

Gathering for mission

Learn how to establish a sustainable framework for ongoing mission

Grace and truth

Learn to stay connected and differentiated as a healthy long-term presence in a neighborhood


Learn how to proclaim good news to your family, friends, and neighbors in a normal way

How it works:

1. A Weekly assignment (reading or an exercise)

You'll read a short article or do a brief exercise from the Gravity Formation curriculum each week before your cohort gathers.

2. A weekly gathering for conversation and training

You and 5-7 others participate in a weekly 75-minute video call with a certified Gravity Coach for one year. We’ve found that nothing replaces the power of this simple weekly rhythm.

3. An actual relationship with your coach

In addition to the weekly call, you’ll have your coach’s cell phone number. Our coaches create enough margin in their schedule to spend time with you on issues you might want to address “offline.”

Who is it for?

If you’re human, this will work for you.

We’ve had all kinds of people in our cohort-based courses, and all kinds of people have experienced breakthrough in their capacity to pay attention to how God is at work in and around them, and participate more deeply in the life God shares with us.

Some examples of the kinds of people who have already benefited from our coaching process:

  • Pastors
  • Stay-at-home moms
  • Business owners
  • Small group leaders
  • College students
  • School teachers

"The course has been life-changing for me... just what I needed. I’ve previously enrolled in several 'discipleship' trainings and nothing has impacted me like this. Your personal approach to training and modeling for me was so insightful and spot on."

Jimmy McGregor
Lighthouse Christian Ministries
Houston, Texas


“With Gravity, I found a personal tribe for transformation and thought leadership, a discipleship toolkit to implement in our local church, a chance to finally be personally discipled by someone, and a new way of being in the world and the church.

"If you've ever desired a practice-based toolkit that's grounded in God's love, then don't look any further. The Gravity Formation Course is theologically sound and generous, systematically simple but expansive, and pedagogically creative yet accessible. It will change your life and the lives of those around you who want to live and love like Jesus but need someone to show them the way."

Bryan Mills
Lead Pastor, Meadow Heights Church, Fredericktown, Missouri

What's the investment?


75 minutes per week to participate in the video call, and another 15-30 minutes during the week for homework assignments


$197 per month (for 12 months), or $1970 if you pay for the whole year up front.

But if you get a few weeks into it and discover it’s not for you, we’ll give you a 100% refund, no problem.


This training only works if bring your full self into it and commit to participate consistently.

If you show up ready to fully engage, do the work, and dig into the process, we are confident it can change your life.

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