Ben Sternke



Ben Sternke has over 25 years of Christian ministry experience, and has been coaching, consulting, and training leaders since 2010.

He has experience as a worship pastor, lead pastor, and church planter. He's also been a web designer, business owner, content developer, author, and marketing consultant.

He has a graduate degree in Hermeneutics from London School of Theology, and a B.A. in Christian Ministry and Music from Taylor University. Since 2005, he has been writing about faith, spirituality, leadership, and culture. Currently he writes regularly for his Substack newsletter, Antifragile Faith.

He co-founded Gravity Leadership, where he facilitates conversations on faith, and coaches and consults pastors and ministry leaders from all around the world in transformation leadership and discipleship. He co-pastors a church in the Indianapolis area (The Table), where he and his wife Deb live. They have four adult children.

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