Staying Sane: Curated Links August 14, 2020

A couple weeks ago my bishop told me to make sure my spiritual disciplines were truly helping me connect with God and find spiritual rejuvenation. “We’re only in the first quarter of the game,” he said, “and we need to last the whole game, all four quarters.”

That was really helpful for me, and I think that’s vital advice for leaders right now. As we talk with leaders right now, we are hearing unprecedented levels of exhaustion. Especially with kids starting school now (often online), we need to make adjustments to our lives (and our expectations for ourselves and others) if we’re going to stay in this for the long haul.

Here are a few of the practices that are keeping me sane and (relatively) healthy right now: morning and evening prayer, taking my dog for regular walks, gardening, cooking for my family, connecting often with loved ones for conversation, and reading fiction I enjoy. I’m also thinking about starting to see a therapist or spiritual director again. What’s helping you stay connected and sane right now?

The curated links for the week are below. I pray they equip you to engage culture today in the love of God in Christ.

That’s all for this week! I will leave you with a beautiful prayer by Edward Pusey (one of the leading figures of the Oxford Movement in the 19th century) that I’ve been using as a “gateway” into contemplation lately. I pray it helps you stay healthy, sane, and connected… in it for the long haul:

Let me not seek out of Thee what I can only find in Thee; peace and rest and joy and bliss, which abide only in Thy abiding joy. Lift up my soul above the weary round of harassing thoughts to Thy Eternal Presence. Lift up my soul to the pure, bright, clear, serene, radiant atmosphere of Thy Presence, that there I may breathe freely, there repose in Thy love, there be at rest from myself and from all things that weary me; and thence return, arrayed in Thy peace, to do and bear what shall please Thee.

Grace and peace,
Ben Sternke (for Gravity Leadership)

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This work by Gravity Commons is licensed under CC BY-NC-ND 4.0

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